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Midwest CMA

....is one of the oldest and most active professional associations of newspaper circulation management personnel in the United States. Organized in 1918, our regional association has grown to serve over 100 newspapers in the eight-state area of Arkansas, Colorado, Kansas, Missouri, Nebraska, New Mexico, Oklahoma and Wyoming.

Producing the best newspaper product and providing the best delivery service for our readers whether subscribers or single copy buyers is the goal of this membership. Newspapers represented by membership vary in size from well under 10,000 circulation to well over 250,000 circulation. Many of these newspapers have more than one MCMA member on their staff.

Our network of professionals is accredited to sharing the best of sales promotion ideas in building readership plus service and retention techniques to ensure the success of their personal careers and the newspaper industry. Look for a new question and answer service on this website which has been instituted to reinforce that effort.

The annual convention is designed with this mix of membership in mind. The program is structured each year to reflect the concerns of those members from each size of newspaper. A survey is administered each year following the conference. Many suggestions are made in elevation of the program. The board of directors is elected to serve the membership. The officers of the board are employed at various size newspapers. A Newspaper Association of America circulation federation council member is also an elected member of the board. This representation including the state directors and an associate member representative help guide the association.

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